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Budget Lighting for Hobby and Professional Videographers

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Some lighting kits cost hundreds and thousands of dollars (for the good ones such as arri) and can be out of budget for frugal or low budget videographers. As a solution to this, we’ve found over the years the best and most effective and cost efficient lighting kit for every type of video lighting need from blogging, home videos, to studio and feature films can be from the easiest sources. “Beauty in the eye of the beholder” applies here. Most cheap lights and kits are garbage and will run you more expenses long term than they’re worth. But some lighting, although it may need some cosmetic work, can be some of the top class lighting around.

To build this cheap custom light setup, all you need to know is one word, “colortrans”. This brand of pro lighting is from the 1970’s offers professional lighting for much less than other lighting. You will need to search ebay and craigslist, these lights range anywhere from $20-$80. We’ve used them on every type of shoot including feature films, and they work just as good as the more expensive ones.

So if your budget is tight and you’re looking to start building a lighting kit, we recommend buying these colortrans lights for cheap and slowly building up your kit. Spending $20-$80 a month on lighting, building and adding to your kit is a great way to cost effectively build your own pro lighting kit, you just have to do some digging.

Have any other tips or advice? Please comment below and share your lighting experience and story with us!

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