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Matt Thompson Productions is a film and video production company servicing Halifax videography and Sydney videography. We offer professional video production services through many venues including directing and editing talents throughout the music industry, promoting your image or brand through commercial work, online video promotion and unique wedding videos focusing on love stories!

We specialize in creating unique videos tailored to your vision, believing in close communication and engagement with the client from pre-production to post-production to achieve a safe, artistic and inspirational environment driven towards meeting and surpassing your video needs!

Why we are a perfect choice for these projects!


We have professional experience producing videos from wedding love stories, music videos, commercial videos, and presentations to short films!

Most Halifax videographer’s only shoot wedding videos, leaving much to be desired when looking for other types of video production.

Our brand recognition and promotional videos, showcase the brand values of the client in a unique modern, powerful and inspirational video aiming to personally connect to the audience!


We are centrally located in downtown Halifax, being a natural choice for Halifax video production! Additionally being based in Sydney, we are able to service film and video production throughout the whole province!


Using professional top of the line camera’s, lenses, audio equipment, lighting kits and more we are able to produce beautifully stunning 1080p HD video with the clarity and depth of field needed in today’s media distribution market!

•Close Engagement with Client’s and Online Proofing

At Matt Thompson Productions we realize the value in working closely with the you to effectively communicate idea’s and visions driven towards meeting and surpassing your video needs!

From initial meetings, to storyboarding, to pre-production and post-production we offer close engagement with the project every step of the way, providing client’s with more control in achieving their desired video!

And with our Online Proofing sessions we offer the client the ability to view the video during each step of the post-production editing, enabling you to send us feedback for further refinement and fine tuning!

•Fast Delivery of Finished Product

Some film and video production company’s can drag out the finished product and delivery for weeks or months on end. At Matt Thompson Productions we offer effective delivery of the finished video(s) on DVDs or BluRay Discs upon filming completion!

•Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Matt Thompson Productions, we ensure complete satisfaction so that at the end of the day you can trust in receiving your desired video!

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